Regulations of the Syban Church

On January 3, 2012 the Syban Church was founded under its Charter, the Declaration of Trust of the Syban Church, by the Prioress of Syban with consideration, reflection, and spiritual awareness. The Syban Charter affirms the unity and oneness of the Syban Church. Until such time as there are enough Parishes and parishioners, the Priory of the Syban Church shall act as the Archdioceses and Diocese to chartered Parishes and chartered entities. In due course, entities will be established and elevated to the respective positions within the body of the Syban Church. These Regulations of the Syban Church, and its respective components, such as Archdioceses, address contemporary issues and needs, and reflect the true spirit of the Holy Book of Syban and our mission as members of the faithful of the Syban Church, and provide for the promulgation of the Regulations to implement the governance of the Church and its organs.

In July 2011, Prioress Aphrodite envisioned the establishment and foundation of the Syban Church. Prioress Aphrodite then directed the Pre-Foundation Administration Committee of the Syban Council to lead the work to author these Regulations of the Syban Church. The Syban Church would be formed upon the works completion. The intense labors of the Pre-Foundation Administration Committee was enhanced by significant contributions from the Prioress. The Regulations contained herein are the result of that work, a work of high quality, a spirit of unity and responsibility, representing well over one thousand hours of cumulative effort.

The Regulations of the Syban Church contain the policies, rules, operation procedures and controls to promote effective governance of Church activities at all levels; plus, communications procedures to assure those in positions of responsibility understand these policies, rules and regulations and the obligations of their position.

The Regulations of the Syban Church include Part One, Archdiocesan Regulations; Part Two, Uniform Diocese Regulations; Part Three, Uniform Parish Regulations; and, Part Four, Revision of Regulations.

On January 3, 2012, after the establishment of the Syban Church Trust REG in Gibraltar, the proposed Regulations of the Syban Church, contained herein, were adopted by the 1st Council of the Syban Church in Gibraltar, and was ratified by the Prioress of Syban.

Download the Regulations of the Syban Church.

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