Pillar 1: The All-In-One, the Source, the Light

The All-In-One, the source, is the cosmic center of divine primal substance, the guardian of the divine order. Everything in the cosmos is vibration. There are consciousnesses of the most diverse structures and stages, consciousness units of collective and individual forms. Spirit that expresses itself in vibrations. Vibrations in many and varied ways, the structures of the mind can be rich and creative.

At the original point of the beginning stood the “spirit”. The mind that meant supreme awareness, creative, self-knowing intention.

Due to its ability to expand, the universe is an infinite sphere that still has its center. Its spiritual center.
This center is what we call the “All-In-One”, the Love, the Light.

Condensed vibration is matter in diverse gradations and different degrees of density.

Properties of highly vibrating, light matter: changeability, the possibility of being influenced by thoughts and will impulses, malleable by spiritual power, potential proximity to enlightenment, unity experience, being connected to everything in the cosmos, the actual essence is love, the light;

Properties of inert, solid, dense matter: the path of demarcation, forms of the ego and isolation, distance from enlightenment, evolutionary path of development, individualization, material path through incarnations;

Development of the individual soul from the origin:
An energy core of pure consciousness, without the individual imprint of a history of consciousness that has already been passed through, releases itself directly from the “source”. Because this unit of consciousness arises from the “source”, it is equipped with all the qualities of this source. The striving for creative development, for comprehensive divine order, the knowledge of the higher unity. This unit of consciousness can further express these qualities through individualization.

Development of larger being and soul associations from the origin:
In a sense, the same cosmic moment of creation as with the individual soul, but there is a jumping off of small units from a larger unit of consciousness, which occurs like sparks flying. An inner knowledge of togetherness remains in the numerous scattered “sparks of consciousness” through all further incarnation processes.

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