Pillar 2: Development of Life on Earth

  • Prehistoric Earth
  • The Founding of the Planetary Centers by Extraterrestrials

1 million years before our present time, Venusians established a planetary center in Tiwanaku, in modern-day Bolivia.

There were, very long ago, spiritual centers of training, medicine, agriculture, culture and art established scattered across planet Earth. Healing and meditation centers for the human race of that time, in various chosen places set up by planetary beings.

One of the first spiritual centers emerged in Tiwanaku on Lake Titicaca. This is the first permanent and larger settlement of Venusian beings on earth, which entered into a partnership relationship with the beings of the earth.

The Venusian bodies, which had a semi-subtle body, were dependent on the thinner air of this high plateau, especially since the entire earth at that time had a different climate with a denser atmosphere and higher humidity.

The word “Tiwanaku” is almost identical to the original Venusian name, which figuratively means “arrival”. This planetary arrival first occurred on the Sun Island in Lake Titicaca, in what is now Bolivia and Peru.

It is an event that happened about a million years ago.

Large numbers of Venusian beings had already landed on Earth once before to fulfill a task and there were already valid reasons at that time to continue observing the Earth.

The centers in Lemuria, Hyperborea, Tibet, Egypt and also Atlantis and other smaller centers were established at a later date by Venusians and other planetary communities.

The earth’s inhabitants at that time were at the level of development of advanced ape-human beings. The term “great ape” corresponds to the understanding, but is fundamentally not appropriate, as there is no species of ape on earth today that would fully correspond to this earlier form of man. These were spiritual beings with the full potential for individual development.

250 thousand years after the founding of the settlement in Tiwanaku, the planetary centers Mu-Lemuria and Borea-Hyperborea were established by Venusians

Around seven thousand Venusians came again to the settlement project in Tiwanaku.
The meeting of the newly arrived Venusian creatures and the Venusian settlement founders in Tiwanaku led to a joint evaluation of the facility and, based on this, to further planning for another Venusian center in another part of the world. The aim was to counteract an imbalance in the development of the human race.

About half of the newly arrived Venusians agreed to take on this task. The other half joined the settlement in Tiwanaku.

410 thousand years before our era – Atlantis – founded by Sirians and Antarians

There was a current between the once contiguous continents of Africa and America that promoted continental drift. Atlantis was built in the area of ​​the Bermuda Islands; it was a main island surrounded by smaller islands.

The size of Atlantis can be compared to the total area of ​​Central Europe or Scandinavia. The many scattered islands were a result of numerous land upheavals in this area, which in turn were the result of shifts in the earth’s crust in the lower Atlantic region. This area is now called the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

A gigantic construction project could achieve the extent of the living space mentioned. Atlantis was largely a land project that consisted of a main island that was connected and expanded to the smaller surrounding islands by land bridges. Atlantis became a “water continent” due to the requirements of the planetary founders and future inhabitants. The Sirian creatures were amphibians and relied on constant contact with water, which made Atlantis an almost perfect habitat for them.

These two planetary beings have built this gigantic construction project in a joint project. Around 40,000 Sirians and several thousand Antarians were involved.

300 thousand years after the establishment of Venusian centers in Lemuria and Hyperborea

The fourth Venusian center was built on the plateaus of what is now Tibet. The choice of location was of crucial importance for all Venusian settlements. The geomagnetic quality was particularly crucial for the center crystal.

The center in Tibet also had a direct connection to the Venusian Center in Tiwanaku. The center in Tibet was exactly on the other side of the globe, a counterpart to the center in Tiwanaku. The center in Tibet was intended primarily to serve as a training center.

There was a rich learning opportunity for earthly beings. This is especially true in medicine, agriculture, material processing, combat technology, music and color theory and an initial esotericism. This knowledge was ultimately passed on by the students to the local people and the local clans. These were the first priests and shamans of the highlands.Some beings from the Pleiades once again joined the Tibetan center.

400 thousand years before settlement in Tiwanaku

Four hundred thousand years before the settlement was founded in Tiwanaku, Venusian beings had already visited the earth. The project was aimed at ensuring the regulated evolutionary development of the earth’s inhabitants. What turned out to be urgent and essential at this point.

Through a global hereditary intervention, this group of Venusian beings created a fundamental language center for the earth’s inhabitants at the time. Which paved the way to “Homo-sapiens,” beyond the Neanderthal form. This intervention paved the way for the prerequisite for a human being that could think, speak and create.

As already mentioned, such genetic interventions on young planets are legitimate, otherwise any human development would take many times longer. And as already mentioned, such an intervention and carefully chosen timing require a fare-aching assessment.

In this particular case, this procedure was performed too early. The reason for this was that early manipulation had been inflicted on the earth’s inhabitants at that time from another party.

This earlier intervention was carried out by the beings called “Nephilim”, the inhabitants of the tenth planet of the solar system, which is an interstellar wanderer. Their area of ​​influence extended primarily from the African continent to the Middle East.
The “Nephilim” were interested in earthly gold reserves. Gold was an important material for them because of its high conductivity. Gold is only available in limited quantities on your own planet. The arduous mining of gold on earth required sensible workers in large quantities.

For the Nephilim, the still half-ape-like creatures of the earth were the target group of such “work animals” that could be used for the purpose of gold mining. Their name for these beings were “Adama”.

The breeding was carried out by crossing the two planetary races, which initially proved to be incapable of reproduction. By fertilizing Nephilim women with the seed of earthly beings, a viable “race” could eventually be created.

The intervention lasted around a hundred thousand years and was aimed at soul enslavement and had an evolutionary-inhibiting effect on the growing human race. Only the renewed intervention of the Venusian beings could stop this disastrous path of development.

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