Pillar 3: The Planetary / Spiritual Centers in pre-Atlantean and Atlantean times

Today there is countless information about ancient cultural assets in history books, mythologies, healing books and religious philosophies.

Our approaches go back further than the Neolithic, where the prehistoric megalithic cultures ruled with their ancestor cults, where ancient advanced cultures reached their peak on the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

There is a synergy with the most diverse guidelines of diverse cultures with their social, philosophical, religious and medical foundations.

There are similarities in the teachings that have been applied across continents, cultures and religions, but above all in individual medical practices. These connections can be seen from a horizontal and vertical perspective.

In ancient times, oral traditions of myths were almost always the major or minor guidelines for people’s lifestyles. These guidelines were passed on orally in parables, fairy tales or stories by the “wise elders”, the storytellers, the druids or the shamans of a tribe and in this way passed on to subsequent generations.

Through the destruction of these ancient cultures and the domestication of a wide variety of beliefs carried out by different interest groups, many cultural assets of a people and their secular view have been pushed into the background and in some cases completely erased.

These life wisdoms can be recognized in today’s traditions like an aura that almost never fails to have an influential effect on the seeker and different information still takes place today in a subtle way.

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