Pillar 5: Crystals and Minerals

Within every human being lies the potential and the ability to heal itself. Our planet also has this potential.

Mother Earth sends us crystals as her emissaries, so we can support the planet in the process of healing the wounds, which we humans have inflicted upon her.

The greatest gift that a crystal can give us and also wants to receive, is to be a teacher and mirror for us.

Who better to learn from than a well-meaning friend?
A crystal is particularly suitable for this, because it is always one with itself and the universal source.

It acts like a mirror of ourselves and of our being. IT is independent of our personality, our thoughts and our feelings.

The growth of our consciousness is the greatest benefit we can achieve.

If we use a crystal for our own development, it will be a friendly teacher to us and on the way, it will work with and for us.

Let us remember that crystals grow for hundreds of millions of years in the dark bowels of the earth and are able to easily unveil the darkest places inside of us.

We only need to open ourselves up to them…..

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